James Anthony Walker

Mind + Body Collection



A collection of twelve 30-minute ambient soundscapes. Each one the perfect length for meditation, or just plain relaxing.

Show your clients, family, friends and loved ones how much you care. All year long.

With your generous and thoughtful gift … they will receive, every month for an entire year … a link to download a 30 minute ambient work of mine, PLUS a link to one of my 15 minute ambient works as a bonus!

With that in hand, they’ll discover a world of peace and calm that they can visit as often as they like … to Meditate with, to Read with, to Work with, to Chill with, or to help support any of their favorite somatic practices — like Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Massage and more.

Every month, a reminder of how much you appreciate their business. Every month, a reminder of how much you care. In each and every monthly email, they’ll have a reminder of where this very special gift has come from. This is a great gift that really expresses who you are. And all in all, in just 12 months they’ll have amassed a 6-hour music library of peace and relaxation, available to them whenever they need it most.

Show your gratitude that they are in your life. Give the Gift of Peace.

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