James Anthony Walker


A wonderful way to say thanks, with soothing, ambient music from an award-winning composer whose work has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of listeners all across the globe.

Your choice of one of three packages, each including 12 original works, and released directly to a recipient of your choice once a month.

They will receive a monthly email with a download link to each new release. Each email will prominently feature you or your organization’s name … so with your gift, you’ll be thanking your gift recipient for your relationship twelve times in the coming year!

3 collections

Three ways to show your appreciation all year long.

Three ways they’ll remember you all year long.

A collection of twelve 15-minute ambient soundscapes.

Perfect for someone who always seems to be on the go!

audio sampler:

A collection of twelve 30-minute ambient soundscapes.

Each one the perfect length for meditation, or just plain relaxing.

audio sampler:

A collection of twelve 60-minute ambient soundscapes.

Each one great for yoga, pilates, reiki, and also … sleep!

audio sampler:

about me

Some years ago now, I had the great good fortune to have studied music composition with some of the world’s contemporary masters. I will always remember those times with the greatest gratitude.

Since then, my work has focused on healing in a very tired world. On creating sacred spaces within which we can escape from the stresses of the day, and quiet the chatter in our minds.

I believe that we all deserve nothing less.

And so I’m offering my award-winning ambient soundscapes as a means to mindful gift giving … to your clients, friends, family, and loved ones.

Amid all the noise, why not give the gift of peace?


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